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Beach Science

Beach Science


Explore the beach with your child or grandchild and introduce them to the incredible science of the salt life! Join us for a morning of hands-on water, wind and sound with science experiments on the beach.

We’ll head into the water (about knee high) to take samples and examine the tiny phytoplankton under magnifying glasses. We’ll talk about how important this plankton is to the bigger organisms in the water and then, using a beach sein net, we’ll drag across the shallows to collect a sample of the larger creatures living on the surf floor. Every collection is different – we usually have a diverse assortment of fish, crabs, seaweed, snails, and more. You just never know what surprises are in store! We want to ensure that we don’t keep them in our saltwater refuge too long, so we’ll return them to their natural habitat quickly.

While we’re on the beach, we’ll experiment with everyday utensils to test sound waves in the air and water. We’ll discover how sound travels through water and how the science of sound is used by marine life for communication. We’ll use a kite to measure wind speeds and direction and explore the ways that altitude effects them.

Every child will have the opportunity to create their own beach discovery bottle to take home. This is an excellent way to explore beach science further with hands-on learning and sensory play at home. Their unique bottle can be filled with their treasured finds of the day – sand, shells, seaweed, even sea glass. Its a great way to remember the day at the beach.



Sundays, 3 hours

Adults & Kids – $29.00


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