About us

Why the name Sun Otter?

We’re glad you asked! Otters (yes, we have otters in Delaware) are naturally curious – they have boundless enthusiasm for play. They use play to socialize & to learn and practice new skills. Pretty smart!

otter and bubbles

Are you a Sun Otter?

Do you like laughing, learning and lively conversation? Then, yep – you’re a Sun Otter! Our unique sites, engaging presentations and hands-on activities provide a deeper connection to our coastal community. You’ll meet local experts and enthusiastic storytellers who are eager to share our science, history and culture.
And, you’ll meet new friends. We have the very best guests (we may be a little partial) who love to try new things and meet new people. Like otters, our guests are naturally curious!

Family Retreat Exciting times Travelling

Meet Jody and Steve

Jody is a certified local tour guide with a knack for finding the fun! She writes Tourist at Home for our local newspaper, Cape Gazette.
Steve is the “Driving Force” (yes, he came up with that title!). He drives the bus and generally keeps everything on track.
Like our guests, we love to travel, learn about interesting places, and meet new people.

Our family

We are a family of travelers, educators and
science nerds.

Sun Otter Tours is the natural result of our combined obsession with learning,
exploring and teaching.